Tuesday, March 4, 2008

BCD = Silay City

If you're traveling to Bacolod City, you should know that the Bacolod City Domestic Airport is no more. The new Bacolod-Silay City International Airport, over 17.5 kilometers away as the crow flies, serves in its stead. It is a modern facility featuring such amenities as a working conveyor belt. ;-)

Despite the extra 40 to 70 minutes of travel time, I suppose I should be glad that Bacolod will now be able to put up tall buildings. In May 1994, for example, the fourth floor of the Sugarland Hotel had to be demolished so it wouldn't pose a hazard to airplanes.

If you find yourself without transportation, I recommend Nyala Tours. It's only P100 for the airconditioned shuttle bus/van from Silay Airport, and P150 from Bacolod to Silay. I actually added P50, both ways, as they dropped me off only a block from my home (the inner streets were too narrow), and was the only paying passenger on the return trip. Contact them at nyala_bacolod at yahoo, or +63(34) 434-4589, 433-1049 for advance booking.