Saturday, February 16, 2008

Heart's Cry, circa 1993

From the dusty recesses of my brain comes this poem written almost exactly 15 years ago, IIRC (i.e. post-Valentine's). I don't remember having counted syllables (10-8-10-8) and rhyming every other line, but there you go... Maximum mush! :-D

Heart's Cry

I lay without sleep, yet not without pain
For pain I did feel in my heart
Pain caused by love and a hope held in vain
That I of your life become part.

I once really thought that you loved me too
For your deeds were with thought for me
But alas it seems that I am to you
But brother, not lover-to-be.

And so, my love, I must let the dream go
For though it hurts, I know it's right.
Forgive me, I ask, for loving you so,
And for crying to sleep tonight.

... then this haiku came rushing out of nowhere:

The words of years gone
Open up my calloused heart;
Once more do I bleed.