Sunday, January 27, 2008


We're back! The bus ride to Uacon "only" took about four hours, but seemed like forever. The return trip was 6.5 hours but didn't seem to take as long.

Great weather, fantastic beach, excellent company, good food... everything I could wish for in a post-pre* birthday vacation, and my first real out-of-town trip in years.

Pucha pare
, mucho thanks for suggesting Uacon!

I asked the bros to give me two digits each, strung those into a single number, and took the last floating point digit of its square root. Bro Gari was pre-assigned the winning digit ("1"), so he made off with the Diggnation shirt. Talk about geeky raffles, heheh.

Public pics are up at my Picasa gallery and in the sidebar, currently. There are actually waaay more... over 250, in fact, including some only possible with my new Canon WP-DC15protecting my IXUS 950 IS(aka Powershot SD850 IS). Only friends will get to see them all, though. :-P

* Long story.