Wednesday, January 30, 2008

It's my birthday, and I'll geek out if I want to...

Nokia 770

Nokia N800

Stowaway Keyboard

inMotion iM4
Today, having two birthdays, I turn 68. Halfy birthday to me! :-P

It's a long story, like I mentioned, one that begins with, Once upon a time, a slightly deaf functionary at the National Statistics Office jotted down the birthday of one Alex... Boring.

I'm not doing anything special today, having maxed out my celebrations over the weekend.* So, I'm introducing you to my two Nokia Internet Tablets (NITs), with which we'll hopefully have lots of fun in future posts.

Here's orthanc, a Nokia 770 running ITOS 2006 booted from its 2GB RS-MMC. Got it for about PHP 9K at Infomax in Megamall. It's currently with bro Togz for "one week", hehe.

And here's osgiliath, a Nokia N800 running ITOS 2008. It boots from the third partition of its internal 8GB SD; it also has a 16GB SD in its external slot. I've paired a ThinkOutside Stowaway Universal Bluetooth Keyboard with it (not shown). It's sitting on my Altec Lansing inMotion iM4, and is running KDE in the screenshot.
I got it for about 16K via TipidPC.

Will I be getting an N810? Probably not, though the integrated GPS and keyboard are really tempting.

All for now.

* Eyan and sis Lea did treat me to a tasty and spicy hottttt Thai dinner last night. Thankeeee!


togz; xtiaan; chris said...

Didn't you hear the faint clause after "1 week"? It said 'and a month'! :D

Rickey said...

Happy Berday!

Unknown said...

Wow, Alex! You're still at it, man. Happy birthday. (Pa-arbor ng N800 kapag nagkaroon ka na ng N810, ha? ;))

Happy birthday. (We're getting old...)