Thursday, January 24, 2008

I'm baaaack!

Oist. Been a few years, hasn't it?

I started blogging in 1997, when the word blog was just about to be coined. Then I lost my domain in 2004 mainly due to the domain registrar not accepting any Philippine credit card. I couldn't renew it -- I even tried sending money via a bank -- and it got snapped up by a domain speculator who still has it up to now. Since I wasn't about to pay £1000 for it, I got fed up, let it go, and my blogging days came to an end.

Anyway, my bro over at Pucha Pare inspired me to blog again by the sheer exhuberance of his crazy posts... so here I am again.

Hello World!


__ said...

shudisotah timberwolves, you! you didn't even mention you've gone back blogging. endamyu! saka sa barku.

Unknown said...

Supplies!!! :-D